The series ECOFLEX is a system of connection to the printed circuit board to standard RAST 5 for rated currents up to 16A Available in PTH and SMT technology; connectors ECO-FLEX series are equipped with terminals in line or staggered, with insertion vertical or horizontal to the PCB. In the latter case, the socket connectors are provided with a hook on the upper side or the lower one; for counterparties with external coupling exists a pan-running elevated: MS 9403.

In addition to the family ECO-FLEX, we also present the family ECO-DOMO PM, for the realization of joints flying or SNAP-IN and the family ECO-FLEX ML formed by arrays of connectors with partition wall and the possibility of labeling. Solutions to the vertical and horizontal standard MS 9410 and MS 9412, note the version "elevated" horizontal MS 9413 or the version with bridge mass and / or neutral vertical MS 9420, MS 9422 horizontal and horizontal raised MS 9423.
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