The connector system ECO-DOMO and its variants ECO-DOMO NF, ECO-DOMO FT, ECO-DOMO TI, RAST 5 crimp, is a system of connecting to 5 mm pitch with technology - as the case - or to IDC Crimp. In this overview we present the only free connector. To find counterparties PCB, once chosen the connector, just click the button counterparts. Equipped with male or female contacts both IDC, both crimp, the ECO-DOMO can be attached directly to the board - in this case we talk about direct connection - or can be connected on a printed circuit board connector (pin header tank or in according to the terminology used): in this case we speak of "indirect connections". Widely used in the field of household appliance thanks to the high reliability and the availability of automatic machines for the production of wire harnesses of high efficiency, the connection system ECO-DOMO can be equipped, depending on the model, three different types of coupling: passive, when the engagement on the counterpart tooth is via a triangular shape, active when the tooth is replaced by a mollettina; through faston when connection male / female is enhanced thanks to the particular profile of the contact M / F.
Table conversion section conductors
Characteristics of the conductors
A = mmq
Not all the cables on the market are suitable for use with insulation displacement connector series ECO-DOMO and processed with machines for the wiring of production STOCKO CONTACT GmbH & Co. If, on the one hand, are required minimums for the lay length and the hardness of the insulation, on the other, we are somehow forced, to ensure the quality of our products over time, to approve every single cable. Only cables approved by STOCKO can be used on the ECO series -DOMO. There is a pdf file that you will find on each product page where you can choose the correct type. If necessary the laboratory STOCKO is available for new approvals. Among the many cables approved, you will also silicone cables.
0.12 to 0.15
From 0.16 to 0.24
0.30 to 0.38
0.51 to 0.61
0.81 to 0.96
1.22 to 1.43
1.94 to 2.28

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