The connector system ECO-TRONIC offers a wide range of solutions for connecting to standard RAST 2.5 - 2.5 mm spacing - with IDC technology, commonly known in Italy with the terms "insulation displacement" or " insulation displacement "for section conductors between 0.22 and 0.35 sq mm and maximum diameter of the insulating equal to 1.6 mm. Here we present the free connector. The series ECO-TRONIC is suitable to be connected directly on the printed circuit board or by means of a pan: we speak in this case, more or less improperly, the Execution Execution direct or indirect. Some families are suitable to be linked exclusively on the printed circuit, such as the series 7238 and 7242, other, more flexible, but with minor retention forces on the printed circuit, are suitable for both types of connection, direct and indirect. The series MS 7320 is suitable for the construction of joints or steering wheels for connections from panel. The series 7237 is suited for solutions in the bus, otherwise known on the market with the name Daisy Chain. For System Technology or hooking mean a system active or passive restraint of the connector on the printed circuit board (but also on the pan) allowing to increase the extraction force of the connector from the printed circuit or by the same vessel.
Features of the conductors and conversion table AWG / mm²;
Table conversion section conductors
Characteristics of the conductors
A = mmq
Not all the cables on the market are suitable for use with insulation displacement connector series ECO-TRONIC and processed with machines for the wiring of production STOCKO CONTACT GmbH & Co. If, on the one hand, are required minimums for the lay length and the hardness of the insulation, on the other, we are somehow forced, to ensure the quality of our products over time, to approve every single cable. Only cables approved by STOCKO can be used on the ECO series -TRONIC. There is a pdf file that you will find on each product page where you can choose the correct type. If necessary the laboratory STOCKO is available for new approvals. Among the many cables approved, you will also silicone cables.
0.12 to 0.15
From 0.16 to 0.24
0.30 to 0.38
0.51 to 0.61
0.81 to 0.96
1.22 to 1.43
1.94 to 2.28

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