ESKA Erich Schweitzer GmbH, fuses and fuse holders, are the product of years of experience, because before 1940 the family of the founder Erich Schweizer had a factory near Ilmenau in Thuringia. The fuses are cylindrical devices drive interruption, for the protection of electrical equipment against power surges, in which power failure occurs through the fusion of the thread that constitutes the soul of the fuse. Fuses are available with various features of intervention: extrarapid, rapid, semiritardati, delayed and superritardati; those signal only rapid and delayed.
Individually apply the following international and national standards:
- EN 60127, part 1-6
- VDE 0820 Part 1-6
- UL 248-14
- UL 512
- CSA Standard C 22.3 No. 248.14
General features
The rated voltage of the fuses must be at least equal to or greater than that of the equipment to be protected by the fuse. The use of fuses with voltages lower than the nominal one is certainly possible. If the working voltage is very low, however, necessary to take into account the internal resistance of the fuse. (Voltage drop). The rated current of the fuse must be roughly equal to the current work of the 'equipment to be protected, in normal working conditions you should not exceed the rated current. With the likely surge insertion we recommend the use of fuses semiritardati or delayed. The ability to break par specifies the current at nominal voltage must stop properly without damaging the fuse or circuit forming arcs permanent. It should be considered that, even in case of short circuit, the current should not be greater than the breaking capacity of the fuse. The voltage drop across the fuse (at nominal current) must not exceed certain maximum values ​​standard.

Extrarapid fuses are provided for semiconductor protection against short circuits: diodes, thyristors, triacs, Quadracs. They are also used for a 'rapid disruption of equipment for which a fast fuse is still too slow. These fuses are not normalized.
are fuses that are used for those equipment that, at power on or in service, do not form current peaks, which, however, with high overcurrents or short circuits must be interrupted in a short time: often these components are used in circuits of the network, as protection against short circuits. Semiritardati are fuses that are mainly used in low-voltage circuits if you do not have to consider currents are high.
fuses are used when you can have high input currents that are lowered slowly, eg. start-up of engines. Superritardati are fuses that in the event of high overloads are characterized by inertia even greater than the time delay fuses.
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